Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ding Dong Loung (4/6/2009)

So after the last two travesties at the Ding Dong lounge, like a bunch of morons, we returned for round three..... but this time it was for Rock and Rocll Trivia... something we would no doubt excel at.

Well we didn't... we kinda sucked... but somehow we won a bunch of drinks anyway and got properly loaded. I had a really good shot of what tasted like a melted Peppermint Crisp. But I digress, there was also a band... who were kind of fun.


OK, from what I remember, the band was good fun, lots of noise, some cool drum beats. One song went for ages and I really got into it. The bassist did a few handstands and at one point did a rock pose on the drummers back... and the drummer didn't lose it once. BUT.... that may have been another band, another time. I had a lot to drink. And it is not helped at all by the fact that I cannot find any trace of a myspace or online presence. What year do they think it is? The best I can do is provide a line on the Empress website for their upcoming gig this Thursday night....

"Dozers punch you in the face and invite you inside with their abrasive, yet welcoming noise."

Do anything for you? Works for me... see you Thursday. No promises though.
Here's what happens if you GIS sexy bulldozer.

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