Monday, June 15, 2009

Low Rent Residency at the The Noise Bar (13/6/2009)

Located in the slightly hippy suburb of brunswick. Not the greatest bandroom in terms of layout, location or acoustics but it is a cool place with alright beer on tap.

Not sure if this is the name of the four piece collective, the name of the frontman or if that's what they call themselves at all as I'm just going from what a friend said. they played a bit of country, bit of blues and did some rockin'. Had a couple of originals that I thought greatly outshone the numerous covers they performed. I was going to rip shreds through the bass player who played terribly and obviously hadn't practiced but it was then announced that he had joined the band 3 days prior to the gig, so I'll give him a break. The second guitarist was OK and it was interesting to hear some banjo; we also came to the conclusion that banjo is massively under-utilized in modern music. The lead guitarist, harmonica and lead vocals guy was excellent.

Their core sound is grounded in country but their style is a bit more rockin' with a recognisable prog influence in the timing changes and song structures. It's the closest representation of prog-country I've heard, and I like it.
All members of the band certainly pull their weight in terms of playing skill in throughout their many well written songs.  You can listen to some tunes at their MySpace here and over the next 3 weeks I recommend catching them at their residency at the noise bar starting at 2pm each saturday.

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