Saturday, August 1, 2009

Veludo (31/7/2009)


Had a good night despite:  no beer taps, crappy sound, cover charge and to top it off, a guy puked in a urinal next to me; a good indicator that the clientele were what I imagine are the kind of people a "no dickheads" sign is attempting to dissuade.  OK, well it probably wasn’t that bad but I think you can judge it for yourself based on the above description!

Mr Jigga

Electro dub step funk is the genre we decided they were after the show. They made nice use of extra curricular percussion and really deep grooving bass lines. Funk is awesome in it's own right and coincidently often used to inappropriately describe music, eg. "It's, like, so funky". This however was not the case for Mr Jigga, some of their songs were genuine Brown funk. Others made use of a vocalist who's style could be compared to Wiley....and some of us agreed that one song sounded a bit too much like Rolex, but you know, it happens. I think Mr Jigga were absolutely perfect for the night, Veludo was not much of a gig venue but probably because people were there to get drunk, dance and cheat on their husbands! In this sense I'd say Jigga were loved by the majority of people in the room, but I don't go for that kind if thing and I was in the mood for some mathcore metal anyway.

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