Saturday, May 16, 2009

Failed night out! (14/5/2009)

So we set out on an expedition to see Yolke (fantastic band we saw at the Summer Noise Festival) at a Melbourne instiution of live music - The Tote. After having quite a good time drinking beer and eating burgers at our Thurday night hangout (beer deluxe @ Fed Square; Beer + burger + chips = $8.50!), we arrived at the Tote at approximately 8:30pm to find the doors closed, lights out and definately nobody home. With no signs on the door to explain this unfathomable situation, we were imensely disappointed. It ruined our night.

Hoping to cut our losses we visited one of old favorites Yah Yah's as we were nearby to hopefully salvage what was a most dissappoint turn of events. Unfortunately for us, we lacked the patience to wait for a band (we did wait an hour or more though). Completely disheartened, we decided to give up on the night and go home...until we walked past:

Blue Tile Lounge -
Seemed like an ok place, relatively small and had lots of skating memorabelia - which was cool. Drinks were reasonably priced and entry was free and music was pouring out the door. In futile hope I talked my co-blogger into entering against his better judgement.

*Unknown Band Name* -
I'm sorry unknown band at the Blue Tile Lounge, we walked in when you were partway through your set, drank a beer and left before you finished. We wouldn't usualy do that because it's a bit disrespectful, but after this night we really weren't in the mood for some boring, vanilla rock and we just wanted leave.

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