Monday, January 19, 2009

Summer Noise Festival (17/1/2009)

By Jimmy

After the bad taste in my mouth left after Friday nights debacle, was requiring a good cleanse, and the sunny weather combined with the fantastic venue that is the Noise Bar in Brunswick provided just that.

A mass of bands and dj's were lined up for the day, beginning at 3pm and finishing at 2am. Awesome. And 6 bucks... what can be better! Well, if I told you it was for charity, so we're all going to heaven now too! Take that shitty cult band... you know who you are.
(This was fantastic value! All proceeds went to John Achuil, a Sudanese refugee who fled Sudan in 1986 after his village was attacked and his family were murdered. He has recently discovered that his younger sister and 93 year old father are in fact alive, and is trying to raise money for an airfare back to Sudan. Such a worthy cause! PAT)

After a few cold beers, we settled in with the modest crowd to see first band of the day, Spitfire Parade. Yelly drone-punk to a drum machine. They had a clarinet, which was a bonus, but I'm seriously not a fan of monotone shouting instead of singing. Sounds more like a whinge than anything I can really take seriously. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and when there were no vocals, some cool loops were rockin the afternoon. (They are seriously in need of a decent drummer; the drum machine was poorly utilised and sounded a noisy MS windows crash at times - you know what I mean. PAT)

Without a break we were herded into the venues other band area to see two man band, Duck Duck Chop. Excellent. The tunes on their myspace don't at all capture the amount of energy these guys bought to the place, an impressive feat for 4:30 in the afternoon. The drums are mental, guitars are mental, and in the words of a now shitty two-piece which will remain unnamed, they are 'not bad for a two piece'. Excellent. See them live, it made me wonder what the hell the other 9 guys in Slipknot do if drums and a guitar can bring this much rawk. (They are essentially Mathcore/Noise - like The Dillinger Escape Plan but with less capacity for awesomeness due to the lack of instruments. PAT)
Due to the excellent organising, as soon as Duck Duck Chop finished, it was back to the band room to see punk band StabbieStabbieKillKill. They drank, they swore, they fell over. They yelled, got violent and sang a whole bunch of good old fashioned punk tunes. Singer Thom Parry is a mean lookin dude with a quick wit and fistfull of catchy tunes. Don't see them if you're expecting something life-changing, but if you want to jump around and shout about how much it hurts to get kicked in the head, this is the band to see. They may even demonstrate the kicking. (agreed! PAT)

Next up were Yolke, the band which appeared to have been a highlight for more than a handful of the audience members. Experimental psychedelic rock by a bunch of young guys. Was refreshing to see them not take themselves too seriously, quite a change from the standard heads down configuration of a lot of young experimental bands. The lead singer looks a bunch like Frank Zappa, with a sense of humour to match. I see big things in the future for Yolke, if you're a smartie, they have a residency at the Old Bar in Feb, so check them out. (couldn't have put it better, best band of the week. PAT)

With the amount of people getting into Yolke, organisers may have let them run a bit overtime, as we headed into the other room to see the end of Dead Before Death Gang. Not so much a gang as a twosome, they played some more monotone yelly noise in the same vein as Spitfire Parade. The drumming was tight , so once again I was impressed by a female drummer... what is the world coming to? Is there a shortage of Basses between the laundry and the sink? Ba-Boom! They're alright I guess.

As we had places to go and people to see, our last band for the day was The Great Apes. Dirty toe-tappingly fun rock... Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal etc. The crowd enjoyed it, the band enjoyed it. Really nothing to complain about. But that's about it.

The day came to an end for me, but for others it was just beginning, catching the Vascoe Era, The Sun Blindness, Ouch my Face and Horse Competition. But really, with a great open Venue like the Noise Bar, good company, cheap drinks and a tasty bbq... you're gonna have a good time, even if the bands were shit on a stick.

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