Saturday, February 14, 2009

East Brunswick Club (13/2/2009)

-By Pat

What is the deal with February? We are struggling to find a bad show at the moment!

East Brunswick Club

We returned once again after last weeks great experience, especially after reading a poor review of one of our new favorite venues in Inpress. After seeing another show here I still think it has excellent sound, in particular the equalising/mixing, it is much bassier than most venues. Jim and I appreciate this but maybe that's because we're going deaf from seeing too many gigs, however seeing more gigs probably makes our opinion more valid than Inpress'. Something negative I can say though is just that the fans at this place are really noisy between bands and quite chilly on a cold night.

A Planet In Space

Absolutely awesome. Like The Mars Volta bring Latin style to progressive rock, these guys have brought Reggae with a fantastic result. Their songs were fairly long; playing 6 songs in 45 minutes. They are a Melbournian four piece featuring a guitarist, a bassist/electronics operator and 2 awesome drummers. I estimate they played roughly 6 songs and 2 drum solos in they're 45 min set. They are all incredibly talented and highly technical musicians. I think the only thing holding them back from exploding into the industry is their image, not that I care about such things - they were awesome.

Matt Kelly and The Keepers
A bit too much like old radiohead/jeff buckley to sound very original. Also a bit pretentious to have that style band name when the whole band writes the music but I found out this guy is some relative of Paul Kelly and apparently has a case of egocentric-frontman syndrome. They were a bit boring after the previous band, soo boring in fact I'm writing this review while matt is whining and I admit it, I just heckled them.

The Reefs
The Reefs are a reggae band with a bit of a rock taste thrown into the mix. Again as was the case with the previous band they were overshadowed by A Planet in Space for me, even though they were the headline act. They had some good live moves and they looked a bit more experienced than APiS (hahaha). They also succeeded at making us bop and enjoy ourselves, so cant complain about that. Good night overall.

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