Friday, February 6, 2009

Girl Talk (5/2/2009)

Despite having a big stage, two bars and a massive dancefloor, the Prince of Wales bandroom is far from a perfect place for gigs. There's no tap beer. Grr. And a massive pole smack bang in front of the stage. I don't want the roof falling in on me, but come on... are you serious? But enough of that... it's time for the review.....

Scientists of Modern Music
These two youngins from Tassie have been showing up on festival bills and as supports for bigger electro bands over the past 2 or 3 years. Which is fitting, as they play electro-rock as pure as it comes. Synth loops, drum machines and vocoders. They have colour co-ordinated uniforms and choreographed dances. Some songs sound like the Presets, some like the Midnight Juggernauts and some like the Cut Copy. Which is all fine. My only beef that at 40 percent of their performance they were playing air guitar or doing the macarena or something. Both of them. When the music was still going... and changing. Even one of the tunes with vocals.... the singer wasn't singing them. A backing track is one thing, but this was a tad rediculous. But the crowd got into it, the guys had a good time and I had a really good tequila and red bull. See them next Friday afternoon for free at QV if it sounds like somethin you might be interested in.

Girl Talk
So what the hell is the point of going to see a guy who essentially just makes collages from bits of all your favourite songs on his computer. What could a performance possibly entail, that could justify bringing him over from the States in these hard economic times? Just a guy, pressing play on a cd that he already made, as he couldn't possibly do any of it live, it's far too meticulously prepared. Right?

Dead Wrong biatch! After the first bar of Gimme Some Lovin' opened the show, crowd members jumped on the stage to boogie around the G man on his laptop. I was one such crowd member. About 30 people danced on stage for the next hour, sweating like I've never seen, and loving every moment. All the best parts from his latest albums appeared, but rejigged to make the show an awesome version of guess the tune. Then Shout by the Isley Brothers (among others) made an appearance, and the crowd went into mega spastic overdrive. I cannot remember ever having so much fun. In the 21st century, this is how music should be done. Girl Talk is a pioneer, and will definatley be in my top 5 gigs for a long long time. Holy shit I had a good time. 

Oh yeah... how's this for the best gig photo ever!

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