Monday, February 2, 2009

St Jeromes Linewait Festival (1/2/2009)

It would be so incredibly easy to write a diatribe about this festival, but there'll be enough of that in every music press over the coming year, so I'm going to focus on the good! Which there was a lot of, despite what you may have heard...

Tame Impala
Due to a late start, the Tame Impala set was criminally short... about 4 songs I think. Godd thing the songs are awesome, drawn out and a whole bunch of fun. There's a whole bunch of hype about this band, which of course means there's just as much backlash. They don't seem to care... they're doing what they like, getting stoned and playing stoner jams and covers of 90's soul songs. The moment when the drums start rollin in Skeleten Tiger was one of the best moments in live music so far this year. Real back of neck stuff. The crowd loved it.

These girls looked like they would all eat me alive, so in case of them reading this I'll stay nice... Really cool proggy rock, plenty of guitar effects and general mania. The songs started sounding a little samey, but when the piccolo/recorder/whatever bloody instrument it was appeared, it added a strangly large amount of depth to the tunes... no mean feat considering it could have easily been drowned out by the 3 guitar onslaught of bitch rock.

Still Flyin'
My new favourite band. Fun funky reggae type stuff with about 15 people on stage. I'm not sure what half of themn even did, but the crowd were totally spastic for it. Singalongs, dancing... I hadn't had this much fun since the first time I went on the Gravitron at Luna Park. Seriously... if this had of closed the festival there would be nothing but smiles today. 'I want to bicycle kick my worries away'... 'nuf said.

Spiral Stairs
Only saw a little of this guy and his band, but seemed ok. Rocky stuff... apparently he used to be in Pavement. So all them indie types cared a lot. The crowd seemed a little warey of him though, but inviting members of Still Flyin' to assist in the last song really got the party going. Wish I had of seen more.

Port O'Brian
Looked a little bit country, played some countryfied rock in the style of Band of Horses. Actually... sounded a lot like Band of Horses. Pity none of the tunes did anything for me. And I always find it hard to get motivated when a member of the band is sitting down. (hey, dummers are band members too! -Pat)

No Age
No Good.

Cut off your Hands
Only really heard this from behind the sound tent as I waited for the drones. I knew a few of the songs from the wireless, the crowd that knew them really got into it, but everyone else didn't seem to care.

The Drones
It is absolutely criminal that The Drones are not recognised as one of Australia's best rock bands. Get fucked Jet, the Living End... whatever shit is on Triple M now. 'I don't ever want to change' should be played by every shitty cover band in shitty pubs in between 'Khe Sahn' and 'Run to Paradise'. Gareth sang like a lunatic and the crowd absolutely ate it up like I ate a delicious Colossal Chicken burger from Burgers Edge. 'Sharkfin Blues' was a highlight, as was 'Oh My', 'The Minotaur'... and shit... everysong they played. See the Drones people... before you miss the boat and your kids will be like... 'Hey Daddy, when you were little did you ever see the Drones', and you'll be all 'Yeah... heaps' then have to change the subject.

Mountains in the Sky
To close the festival for me, the uplifting electronic rock of Mountains in the Sky. While the majority of the festival whinged about not being able to see the Girl Talks, me and 150 others saw a great show that was everything that was right about the festival. A bunch of people dancing to great interesting music and not giving a shit if they'd heard it before or not. Everybody in the room shared stories about the trying day, missing out on bands here and there... but in that room we were united, and as the beeps looped and the guitars drifted... we danced the shit away.

Also... Tiger beers were 4 bucks!

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