Friday, February 27, 2009

A Planet in Space @ The Laundry (26/02/2009)

The Laundry
Great place: damn cheap beer ($10 jugs), excellent tunes upstairs (zappa, stones...), free entry(might not have been free for everyone), brilliant bands (payed $20 to see the same line up a couple of weeks ago), decent sound.
Would definitely return for some good cheap fun!

A Planet In Space
These guys were awesome again, in fact I did a bit of research before rocking up tonight and listened to a bit of their music on JJJ unearthed website. They have some great original tunes, that also have a decent longevity. Seeing them live tonight was an eye-opener as to how awesome they play their gigs, their live versions are typically 150% the length of their recordings, with many songs perfectly meshed together.
The lead singer/guitarist broke a string 1 song into the show, and without so much as signalling to his band mates to wait up, he put down the guitar, jumped off the stage, strolled over to a guitar case on the ground, grabbed a new guitar, came back to the stage, changed the strap, tuned up, moved the broken string guitar out of the way, then got straight into a song with the other guys whom in the meantime had been jamming with a bongo focus - flawless execution of improvisation.
I cant praise these fellows enough, great performance ethic and an awesome sound to back it up!

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