Wednesday, February 4, 2009

James Hampton (4/2/2009)

-by Pat

Tonight we ventured out to the Paris Cat deep within the CBD of Melbourne to see a singer/songwriter who has been getting a some press recently with the release of his debut solo album Land or Sea.

Paris Cat
This was the smallest venue visited in the 100 gigs so far and chock full of character. High quality furniture, mood lighting and intimate stage arrangement made for an excellently classy gig atmosphere. Of course this level of class doesn't come without drink prices to suit but you can never have everything.

James Hampton
This was James' first gig with the new album and I had not previously heard anything as it is recorded on Land or Sea. I'd probably put James' style deeply submerged in pop, but that doesn't tell a reader anything, I would suggest you listen to it here. Throughout the performance James sang/played piano and was accompanied by a guitar, drums, bass and a choir of 3 fine young ladies. The arrangement and utilisation of each instrument provided a lot of depth and variety to the music making it all the more interesting.
The bass and piano combination were a noticeably prominent driving force in most of the songs while the guitar seemed to noodle around and deliver a memorable riff occasionally. The singers sounded great and gave a very live feel to the act, particularly when they were dancing.
One memorable moment during the set was the song Got No Friends which was very amusing to hear. Another great moment came unexpectedly in the form of a Reprise! It's a great move to finish where you start and a reprise was a fantastic way to top off an excellent set.
Watch out for James Hampton!

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