Friday, January 9, 2009

Fearless Vampire Killers (8/01/2009)

By Pat

I think Jim's account of what went down at the Metro (it's not and never will be the palace!) says everything I wanted to, so I will soldier on and give you the low down on last night at the Evelyn.

Thoroughly enjoyed The Fearless Vampire Killers (FVK) uninhibited set, consumed 2 x $2.50 pots and 1 pint of local draught.
Highlights: A particularly Awesome moment during a song in the FVK set where after a fantastic period of psychedelic rocking and soloing the band returned to a very familiar sounding hook-like rif that had featured earlier in the song and really brought it home.
Lowlights: Spun Rivals (if you're reading this, sorry guys read below!)
Final Comments: Good night, great band!

The Evelyn
A good venue with decent acoustics, tap beer (limited) and history (the venue been in operation for over 150 years!). There is always (every time I've been) a cover charge at the door however tonight it was a meager $6. There are usually drinks specials such as $6 Jagerbombs (dangerous!) or $2.50 pots. They have 2 beers on tap - Carlton Draught, Cascade Pale Ale (nice!). They have columns in the middle of the room, that can potentially block view of the stage, however they are slender (head width) and I've never had a problem with them. They have a neat looking grand piano shell for the mixing desk.

The Box Rockets
These guys started off the night with a very promising 'pop' style show. This four piece is driven by a powerful bass player and interestingly skillful, female drummer! Everyone I was with at the gig liked these guys but I didn't. (Sounded like the Smiths with some Stadium style reverb... love it- Jimmy)
At first I thought I read on the bass drum 'the box rockers' and appreciated their daring name with a giddy chuckle but then was disappointed to find out their actual name. Which really summed up their performance for me: promising some fun then revealing that what was there wasn't really that interesting after all. But I expect these guys will grow with time, good luck.

Spun Rivals
Entertaining, energetic, wild, grating rock with extra balls. They scored bonus points with me for the Scottish accents! They did appear to have lost some songwriting in the mix but they put on a great show and had guitar solos, woo! The lead guitarist even jumped off the stage and onto the floor to solo more! Rock!
Everyone I was with disliked this band immensely and I admit, they didn't sound good, but they had excellent accents and were energetic enough to put on a show.
(It's not that I disliked them... What they were trying to do, they did exceptionally well.... it's just that what they were trying to do wasn't that great.... They're a polished turd. But I'd probably see them again. - Jimmy)

The Fearless Vampire Killers
These guys are classy! They play an accessible range of psychedelic rock filled to the brim with power full riffs and prolonged yet pleasurable jams. I felt during this set there were a couple of what Jim and I like to call 'Awesome Moments'. It was great to see them do a headline show, they were uninhibited by any proceeding bands and were free if not invited by the crowd (some tool heckled "Play a F#%$ing song") to play a great and full show.

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