Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Franz Ferdinand (5/1/2009)

By Jimmy

Bands Seen
Red Riders
The Temper Trap
Franz Ferdinand

3 beers consumed.

I read an article once on how to write a music review, and apparently the worst thing to do is write 'I' or 'Me'.... fuck that. I write my reviews as a long train of thought, and don't bother with a reread or spell check. Or Grammar check. It may help if you read them in my voice, and if you don't know my voice, try Michael Caines voice. 

To begin, the Palace (formally the Metro) has been refurbished into a great venue. While there were no beers on tap and my license was scanned on entry, it has a big stage, and multiple levels each with great views of the stage. The kind of theatre John Wilkes Booth may have appreciated. 

Opening the night were the Red Riders. While I knew a few of their tunes from days gone by, they failed to really get me or the crowd going. I missed the start, so I'm unsure if they played
 'Call on Me' as I missed the very start, but I hope they did... because that song is the Sauce. This is them in a blue light.

I next enjoyed the Temper Trap (not the Cribs). The Bass player used to work in the donut shop at Box Hill, so I expected great things. I recall seeing them as a support for someone years ago, and being unimpressed. This time, I was not unimpressed. You could even say, I was impressed. With a bonus two members, six people hit the stage for some safe songs about love and stuff (I guess). They played their famous song (Sweet Disposition- could be a U2 cover) and could have left the stage leaving everyone feeling satisfied. 


Well, no boobs, but good as. Last song in, half band members dropped their instruments and joined some random drumming fiasco which caused much lifting of my heart. It was the second 'awesome' moment of 2009 (first going to Anywhere at the Presets). I'm a sucker for forced improv, so Temper Trap, I salute you for that reason. Here's them. 

Then Franz Ferdinand came on and played some new songs and some famous songs. Come on Home was fun, Outsiders was great, and I enjoyed a few moments of them dicking around with their instruments. But largely it was a very safe set, which no doubt rocked the socks off a lot of the people there. Unfortunately my socks stayed firmly on. And here's some photos of them (Franz, not socks).


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