Sunday, January 4, 2009

Solar Festival (3/1/2009)

By Jimmy

Artists/Bands Seen
  • Josh Pyke
  • Miami Horror
  • Snob Scrilla
  • You am I
  • Ajax
  • Pnau
  • Presets
4 Beers Consumed

Good Stuff
  • Miami Horror played Lykke Li. 
  • Snob Scrilla can work a crowd like nobodies business.
  • You am I rock and Tim Rogers is sarcastic. 
  • Pnau is great.
  • Presets are better- played most of the latest album (including 'Anywhere'!) plus 'girl, you chew my mind up' (which nobody seemed to know), 'Are you the One?' and 'I Go Hard I Go Home'. 
  • Crown Lager cans are genius. 
  • Some very friendly bar staff.
Bad Stuff
  • Lining up to get in for at least an hour, including a delightful crowd segregation segment- Also causing me to miss Lisa Mitchell. Who is cuter than my fish.
  • Miami Horror not playing any of his original material, only his remixes.
  • Josh Pyke not bringing his giant guitar boat.
  • The few people circled in these photos-

So I'm a Snob. Here's a few other photos.

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  1. I'm so coming along for as many of these gigs that i can!! :) and i do not like dutch pancake sugar on my face Ria :P