Monday, January 12, 2009

Frowning Clouds

By Pat

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to catch a matinee session over at Yah Yah's on Smith St? This particular Sunday we caught the Frowning Clouds.

There was just one band playing and they were just alright.
Highlights: Some of their songs featured harmonica, excellent!
Lowlights: They played one song twice, and about 4 songs only sounded different by one chord in the sequence.
Final Comments: Better than watching a late night quiz show...maybe.

Yah Yah's
This is a great venue at night, it is: small in size, usually has free admission and has average drink prices. This particular visit was all of those things except because it was a late afternoon gig, visually there was extreme contrast between the dark stage and the sun reflecting light off the shops on the other side of the road making viewing unpleasant. This is an unusual and rare occurrence however so I would still rate this venue on the upper side of average.

Frowning Clouds
They were OK. They sounded a lot like The Stranglers (All the Day and All of the Night particularly- Jimmy) or The Who. I also noticed that not all but many of their songs sounded a bit too repetitive/similar with most songs sharing an identical beat and some even had the same chord structure with the end chord rhythm or note tweaked slightly. (No denying that the last tune 'Jungle King' didn't rock- Jimmy)

Overall, I rank this as the least interesting gig of this year so far, but I doubt it will stay in that position for very long.

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