Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dragging The Lake (Battle Of The Bands)

Battles of the Bands are weird. I'm hungover right now so it's hard to put into words why, but they are. The bands all seem to put in as many gimmicks as they can to get noticed... and often they still fail. This one at the Espy was no exception.

We were introduced to the event by some record company dude who explained why the event was called dragging the lake. I was unconvinced. But here's the bands.... I'm going to write each review in list form, because it's my site and I can do what I want. 

Daddy's Little Girl
Bass was too fiddly.
Singer had the sexy turned up to 11... made me feel dirty. 
Firebreathing Gimmick doesn't work. 
Had a few catchy tunes.... but didn't work for me. 

Degrees of Separation
The worst band I have ever seen. 
It was the worst. 
A witty review will only entertain, and this band has no right to be used for entertainment purposes. 
Avoid at all costs. 
I began to hate music because of this band. 

Hey Fever
Saved me from killing myself after the last band. 
A bunch of kids playing music that sounded like the Rapture. 
Catchy stuff that a record company would like because it's easy to remix.
Perhaps why they eventually won. 
One Pink Floyd shirt, one Led Zeppelin shirt, one Beatles shirt... and a wrestling shirt. 

I kinda knew these guys but hadn't heard them. 
Not my kind of music (Emo/Screamo/... I dunno what it's called).
Still enjoyed them a lot... some really good songs.
During retuning they played Bomfunk MCs. That worked. 
Were the best band, but not necessarily the most marketable... record company fail. 

There was another band but it was just teenagers playing metal. I didn't really see them.

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