Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekender at Ding Dong (14/3/2009)

So because I've been a lazy ass and left it for ages... 

it's Two Post Wednesday!

The Ding Dong lounge is modelled after the bar of the same name in New York. That could be a lie, but it sounds about right. It's loud, smells like beer, and once a girl there walked in on me doing number ones, i tried to cover up, but it was too late, she'd seen everything. Lucky girl really. But it's a got a cool stage and dispite almost always having a cover charge, it still rocks socks. 

So all my social networking sites have just crapped their pants, so I can't verify if the above link is the band we saw or a Norwegian punk band. Chances are they're as good as each other. The band we saw played some cool indie-rock stuff... kinda a bit Blur, Bloc party, Bravery etc. The songs were all really catchy though (which Pat ensures me isn't a good thing... I don't know if he's in some backwards land or what). They played their first song- 'Ah no, they played their best song first, now it's all goin downhill'... but then they followed it up with another 11 or so equally coolie tunes. I liked it. Check them out. 

It should be common knowledge by now that me and Pat reckon these guys are the ducks nuts. Great songs, great performers, can't complain about them at all. They had a different guy playing bass which didn't really look the part, but played the 60's out of his bass all the same. They did a cover of Wipeout which was fun, and every other song was played to perfection. I can't get sick of this band. I'm sure they're sick of seeing our ugly heads. 

There was bugger all people at this gig... I could count the amount of people on the dancefloor on one hand... if I had 19 fingers. Come on people... turn off the TV!

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