Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moomba - Friday 6/3/2009

Nothing quite like a free gig and tonight I treated myself to two! The first was at the city of Melbourne's annual Moomba water festival, if you like to know more click here. I'd never actually been to Moomba before and was suitably impressed.

Augie March
They were obviously a bit disappointed with the size crowd they drew at a free show and this kind of show is hard. However if you're playing to a pop crowd It's all about the "what have u done for me lately". I'm willing to bet if they'd made a better impression with 'moo you bloody choir' on an underground audience they could packed the place out. That said I wasn't too much of a fan of having an MC at a gig, bet he'd be a real dick. Anyway about the gig...they were a little out of practice as they freely admitted and many of the songs I hadn't heard sounded very similar as is the downside of an acoustic style. The 2 or so songs they played that weren't that style were way more enjoyable; 'just passing through' is a particularly good song. I was surprised when they didn't say goodnight after their big hottest 100 winner, 'one crowded hour' and instead continued with a boppy finishing track which sounded great - couldn't find out the name of it unfortunately.

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