Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Espy (6/3/2009)

Not expecting Moomba to satisfy our craving for live music we had planned to continue on to The Espy in St Kilda.

Liar Liar
First up was a neat 4 piece post rock act. It was a little more than obvious that the guitarist was a big fan of Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez and utilised his style accordingly. The result is an alright band with an awesome guitarist. I'll definitely seek them out again for more!

Kinda crappy rock and we weren't that impressed with this 3 piece gimmicky (girl bass player - sorry to the feminists) kind of band. If it wasn't for the lure of more live music down below in the basement we would have given them more than 3 songs to prove themselves before abandoning them. To neon/any starting out band: maybe play your second best song first where the crowd has the option to see someone else to keep them interested - and if u did...sorry!

The Harpoons
Joining the 60s feel, good time rock revival. They felt significantly more loved/popular than the last time I saw them. Pretty good tunes from these guys, in my opinion I'd have to say there's not enough distortion on the guitars to be awesome but still worth watching. Jim, I expect you'll want to add to this...

Calling All Cars
Didn't stay for very long to see these guys because we weren't all that excited and I was starting to fall asleep (I know It's lame - it was a big week). Jimwah had previously done his research and listened to them on their MySpace, so we were able to make an informed decision that qualified leaving as an option because we weren't missing much in his opinion - and from what I witnessed I would have to agree that it wasn't really our style.

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