Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Bittersweets (22/3/2009)

So it's country/blues/bluegrass type stuff. What the hell? A banjo, uke, double bass and acoustic guitar... the premier of 3 instruments in one gig for 100 gigs. Is this something for me? Am I at the right place?

The Wesley Anne for one, is weird. Pssing through the smell of gunj at the entry, I felt I had suddenly walked into a medievil pub.  High collared dresses as far as the eye can see. My beer wasn't quite served in a stien, but it was close enough. There's not a whole bunch of beers on tap, but this isn't really the place to drink up a storm (for fear of being put in the dungeon).

The Bittersweets I had never heard about, nor had I heard about the 'special guest' playing with them, who happened to be the Banjo Equivalent of Andy G... the best in Australia at what he does. I haven't seen many Banjo guys, so this is hard to dispute. But that said, I haven't seen many country/blues/bluegrass bands before, but I thought the whole band was great. The singing from the three main members was all fantastic, the instrumentation (if that's a word) was terrific, I cannot find a fault. Extra props for the Cocaine Blues cover... because I'm an ordinary pleb whose only link to country music is Johnny Cash. 

While this style of music is clearly not everyones scene (judged by the audience size), there's definatly a place for it, and while sitting down and having a few brews... the Bittersweets work nicely. 

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