Monday, March 2, 2009

February Overview.... By Jimmy

Ok, 2 months down, 10 to go.... and I'm right on track. 19 gigs in 59 days. That means I'm headin towards 117 at the end of the year. Love it. 

February was absolutely terrific. The best gig-going month of my entire life. I have seen so much quality acts, I don't know how March is going to even come close. So here's the wrap up...

Taking into account talent, stage presence and how surprised I was at their awesomeness.

Still Flyin'
The entire world complained about how dodgy the Laneway fest was... but I had an awesome day. And the real highlight was Still Flyin'. I had never heard of them before, but the 11 or so people on the stage had such a rediculous amount of energy that I was dancin like a lunatic within the first 3 songs. By the end I had realised that I couldn't get the smile on my face, and me and the people around me were belting out choruses at the top o f our lungs. 

Girl Talk
I danced on stage... 'nuff said. 

The Devastations
The only gig for the year apparently... we were lucky to be there. And did they give us an awesome show. The noise washed over us like an ocean of feedback plankton, and like the blue whales we are... we ate it all up. Please play again soon kind sirs... I now know more of your great songs. 

My Disco
I finally got to see these guys after months of trying, and was not dissapointed in the slightest. Similar in feeling to the devastations, I enjoyed myself immensly, and again, like the Devastations, they won't be playin again in Melbourne for a fair while. Miss U. 

Black Mountain
Every song was performed perfectly, written perfectly, and was just perfect really. I had such a great time that I couldn't tell you how long they played for, or how many songs they played.... it seemed like I was there for 10 minutes. Black Mountain are a band that I'm gonna tell my Dad about... that's how great they are. 

Venue of the Month

The Laundry
This was originally going to go to the East Brunswick club, but Laundry upstairs outdid it in almost every way.... cheaper beer, free entry, and a DJ that spun Zappa. Winnah! Stock the fridge with Monteiths Summer Ale and I will never go anywhere else. 

THE BRUNO KIRBY AWARD FOR MOST BEST BAND THAT MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST BUT I SEE GREAT THINGS FOR THEM (And even though they're kind of a comedic actor they were in the Godfather 2)...

The Cheats
A Planet in Space were a bees dick away from getting this, but I went with the Cheats because I figured Pat would mention them. The Cheats had crowd members playing percussion, fairy lights over their equipment, and did a balls to the wall cover of Ballroom Blitz. The perfect band for the drunken orgy that is the Espy. 

It's a selection of songs that made February! But, because I'm not an Illegal, you can't download them, but if you ask nicely, maybe we can sort something out... wink wink. But I will try to supply some sort of link for each tune....

1. Still Flyin' - The Hott Chord is Stuck iTunes
2. Primal Scream - Swastika Eyes YouTube
3. Girl Talk - Here's the Thing YouTube
5. Tame Impala - Skeleton Tiger YouTube iTunes
6. The Devastations - What's a place like that doing in a girl like you iTunes
7. My Disco - An Even Sun YouTube iTunes
10. James Hampton - Disappear iTunes

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