Saturday, March 21, 2009

James Hampton Trio (21/3/2009)

To preface this, I'm not afraid to say that James Hampton is a good friend of mine... So while there may be some bias there, everything I say is dead true. 

Wild Oscars was apparently on that dodgy show The Chopping Block, where it had to battle another restaurant for some reason. I don't know if it won or not, but it's a good looking place, comfy couches, well stocked bar (this weekend was the Coopers festival, so there was understandably little variety) and a prime spot for loungy cruisy tunes. 

The James Hampton Trio provided the nights entertainment, with James on the keys, and dudes on bass and drums. Well stripped back compared to his last performance, and even moreso based on plans for future gigs (I'm pretty certain this sentence makes zero sense). Over two sets we were treated to most of the songs from his album, a bunch of new songs, and a few covers, one of which impressed me greatly. The great thing about James is you can tell he genuinly enjoys what he's doing... which really really matters. 

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