Sunday, March 15, 2009

Soul Glo (13/3/2009)

I was really tossing up whether to count this as a gig or not... but decided on yes. 

The Nightcat is one big damn place, it's got a big barm big dance area, big stage (in the middle of the dancefloor) and damn big couches. Everytime I remember it I think it's really red, but when you're in there it's not that red. So no idea where that idea comes from. They have the usual imported beers, but they're not on tap and they're not stupidly cheap. But it's free entry, so that's something. Although they do the old license scan upon entry, which I'm certain violates my civil liberties. 

But anyway, here we were, sitting on the aforementioned Damn Big Couches, discussing strange bathroom habits or some shit, and some cool funky disco tunes burst from the stage. Not an original tune, but one of the usuals you hear. Kind of cool, but not good enough for me to actually pay attention to the band, so therefore... not counting as a gig. 

Not surprisingly, after I loudly proclaimed that this didn't count as as gig, the band still played on, and I found my self paying more and more attention to them. Then out comes the Car Wash and all funk breaks loose. The bass was the most awesome thing I've ever heard. 

So then I decided it was a gig... they played another tune and then took a break. We left and went elsewhere. We had a good night, and Soul Glo can now rest in the peace that I count them as a real band. Soul Glo. SOUL GLO!

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