Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ok, I've been slack. But I've eating a bowl of stew that I cooked (Pork and Cider if anyone's wondering) with great dumplings... so I'm in a good mood and I'm Pumped. 

I've been a bit slack through March, but I'm still ahead... just. At this rate I'm looking at 104 gigs by the end of the year. I better lift my game! As for Patrique, I have no comment.

Taking into account talent, stage presence and how surprised I was at their awesomeness.

Holy shit... thank god for this blog... I have no idea who I saw in March...

The Harpoons
I didn't see their whole set at the Espy, but have seen them before. I like Little Red, and this band does much the same things, maybe a little more surf-rock, plus they have a lady. What's not to like? People bopping around the dance floor... I felt like I was in Cry Baby. Keep a big fat eye out. 

Fearless Vampire Killers
I've mentioned them before, and I'll do it again. Awesome. My favourite Melbourne band of the moment. I cannot fault them... even with a mystery replacement guitarist. Covering wipe out? You guys......

Primitive Calculators
I had so much fun at this gig, even though all signs pointed to shite. Melodies- next to none. Subtlety - What's that? But they yelled their way into my heart... it felt like I was hugging steel wool. Swearing is awesome though, and drum machines in punk songs rock. I never would have guessed.

I so wanted to put Hoops in this list, but not technically a band or artist (still a matter of debate whether DJs count as a 'gig')... they did look hot though. But Beardyman was better anyway, and originality is king. Excellent. Great. The best. Only having a beard could have made this any better (either him or I).

The Bittersweets
Wow. Even I'm surprised this was in the list. But going by criteria- talent, stage presence, how surprised I was... these guys tick all the boxes. I had loads of fun at this gig... and I felt a little bit better than everyone else in the process. 

Venue of the Month

The Palace
Only because Bacardi got their money on it and it looked really cool. Kinda like a train station. Awesome lighting and sound... no beer this night, but I still enjoyed. It's a pretty cool venue for bands. From all reports (a friend doing 10 gigs in 2009), Razorlight rocked it there the other night... embracing the venue and it's stupid amount of levels. Fun times. 

THE BRUNO KIRBY AWARD FOR MOST BEST BAND THAT MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST BUT I SEE GREAT THINGS FOR THEM (And even though they're kind of a comedic actor they were in the Godfather 2)...

Rush in Attack
Any band that can play a whole set of songs that could be 'their one good song' gets tick from me. While I don't like their name, they sound good, and were a perfect soundtrack to me drinking too much. Yay. Runners up were Hey Fever. But they're far too young for this award. 

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