Monday, April 27, 2009

The Drones (23/4/2009)

Once again, we're at the corner hotel. The staff are friendly and it's full of smelly people. The pole is still in the middle of the stage. I can't think of one gig at the corner that looked different from another. Points for consistancy I guess. 

Witch Hats

(People complained about too much text... fixed much?)

Witch Hats are a local band who play noisy art rock. The lead singer kind of looks like a Green Day, but luckily sounds nothing like a Green Day. Their tunes have plenty of noise, which is fun, and while at times it became a little tedious, they managed to sneak in a little somethin-something to save it from being a big ugly mess. The drums were cool. And apparently the Drummer is only newish, so go him. 

Kev Carmody

In my ignorance, when I heard that the original support for the Drones (Qui) was replaced by Kev Carmody, I panicked. I don't want some 24 year old kid killing my buzz with a 45 minute acoustic set before the bucket-smashing Drones take the stage. Boo-erns. Boo-erns.

Luckily, it wasn't a 24 year old pimple, it was a cool looking old Aboriginal guy complete with headband. Win! And again in my ignorance, I found myself mesmerised, not only by his awesome guitar playing, but his ability to have everyone in the room transfixed as he (very cheekily)paid out on what city-slicking, uncultured, greedy, lost people we were. I wanted to give him to give me a hug and help me build a veggie garden. But he didn't... he just played amazing songs. 

Then he finished with 'From Little things, Big Things Grow'... which he wrote with Paul Kelly. My ignorance explode. I am a moron. I want to listen to more.

The Drones

I've said it before and I still find it hard to convince people. The Drones are the best Australian band in the WHOLE WORLD. No-one believes me. Jimmy... you're such a goon... what about Van She. What about Hilltawp? What about Pez? Watch the video above. It's a cover of a Kev Carmody tune, but I guess in the same way that 'All along the watchtower' is by Dylan. It is... but he never pictured this frightening. 

The gig was great. New tunes, old tunes... we got sneered at by Gareth and made to feel relaxed again by Mike and Dan. The pretty girl didn't say much. Then we got yelled at again by Gareth. He is one intense dude... I'm frightened of his jokes. My favourite band in the Stralia. 

The cool thing about putting youtube videos on this review is that I can spend less type writing. This whole thing took me 2 minutes... more time for drawing pictures of rayguns. 

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