Monday, April 27, 2009

James Hampton - Land or Sea Album Launch (22/4/2009)

The Toff

This night was my frst experience of The Toff in Town. It's a comfortable place with an intimate stage setup, superlative sound and dripping with mood! Drinks were fairly pricey and the bar lacked beer variety on the night. Mood lighting and a big red curtain on the stage are a great touch and scores big atmosphere points in my books; overall I'd give the place a 69%.

James Hampton

Put on another excellent gig; the mixing was perfect, the band was huge and very skilled, they were all perfectly timed and obviously well practiced. As you have probably already guessed James is a good friend of Jim and I and rather than deliver to our readers a potentially biased review of our good friend. I offer you a gift, stay tuned into this blog for future posts...
Back to the usual stuff for now though, Hampton delivered a top notch show and deserves a modest 87% for his magnificent effort.

Good night overall and churning through the numbers comes out with a 74%. Keep up the good work Hampton!

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