Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zappa Plays Zappa (16/4/2009)

So I had never been to the Palais before. Wow. Shocking. How can a man of my calibre have never been to such a Melbourne Institution? Well, to be honest, it may be because the bars are hard to find and there is no dance floor. But there is a fantastic stage, comfortable seats, and great sound. So while I would have enjoyed the 70's way of seeing Zappa (ie. Frank, while trashed and being a Dancin Fool), I had to make do with the 00's way (ie. Dweezil, while sober and trying to grow a chin). Thankfully... the 00's way was goddamn awesome. 

For those that missed the breifing, Dweezil Zappa is Frank Zappa's son. If you don't know who Frank Zappa is you have no business here. Perhaps you'd like to visit a more appropraite site for your limited brain. May I suggest Dweezil pretty much just plays his dads music, much like a tribute band. But, unlike a tribute band, they do it with not only the upmost respect for the source material, but with a rediculous amount of talent and down-to-earthness (please leave the word I'm looking for in the comments). 

Dweezil and co churned out 200 minutes worth of great mind bending tunes... a few of the favorites (Don't eat the Yellow Snow, Dirty Love, Willie the Pimp) and a few not so well known (A 30 minute version of King Kong was bizaare). Every band member was possibly the best I've seen ever... I've never had much respect for Xylophonists until now. 

After the show, the band stuck around and did a meet and greet with the audience, a move that most small bands don't even do. Such a lack of ego was startling to see, especially after what was such a great show. Take note other bands. 

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