Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 Gigs Exclusive Interview with James Hampton

PAT: So Hampton it is a privilege for me to introduce you to some of our readers, how the hell are you?

JAMES: Thanks Pat. I'm feeling great.

PAT: So lets start off with you recent gig at the Toff - huge turn out in comparison to your first gig sporting Land or Sea material - How do you feel about this exponential growth in popularity?

JAMES: I was rapt with the turn out, i think we had more people because the venue was bigger this time and because we did more advertising for this gig.

PAT: I've noticed at your gigs a wide variety of ages and interests in the crowds you are attracting; who do you see as the target audience for your tunes?

JAMES: That's a really hard one. I think my music will appeal to a younger crowd. Probably in their late teens or early twenties.

PAT: What do you think of Land or Sea? Does it live up to your expectations?

JAMES: Land or Sea was a learning curve for me, I am very happy with the final product. But next time i think the album will be better because I've learned a lot about the production side of things from my Producer Carl Schubert. I think I will be more efficient in making the album next time.

PAT: Be honest, how many times have you listened to it?

JAMES: (Laughs) enough! Maybe one hundred times! but now I never listen to it!

PAT: How long does it take you to write a song?

JAMES: Some time no time other time some time! Some times i hear music so loud it wakes me up in the middle of the night other time I'm stewing over a song for weeks! Even when a song comes all at once I still make adjustments. A song is never perfect so I just have to know when to stop.

PAT: Lyrics or music first?

JAMES: Often a word or a concept will get me started. Music is usually the first.

PAT: So we've heard some songs that are not on Land or Sea at your gigs, were these omitted or are you saving them for a future release?

JAMES: Those songs are new ones for the next album. I wrote those one while recording land or sea.

PAT: Last question Land or Sea; Who designed the cover?

JAMES: My good friend James Morrison! Not the trumpeter. My cousin Amanda Radovic took the photos and the turtles were supplied by roaming reptiles.

PAT: Now that you're in a happy relationship with the enchanting Evonne, how do you feel about singing some of your 'lost love' songs?

JAMES: Awkward!

PAT: Do you find that the emotion prevalent in many of your songs loses meaning after a while?

JAMES: Yes, I love the songs more than the girls I'm singing about.

PAT: So where do you see yourself a year from now?

JAMES: By then I hope to have new album realised.Performing often, lots of new songs written and I hope I have got a bit more of a name for myself. Id also like to have a Lamborghini and a Butler.

PAT: Jim and I agree that to host RAGE (music video show) on ABC would symbolise 'making it' in the music industry, What moment for you will tell you you've 'made it'?

JAMES: I think you have really made it if you're hosting rage that's a good one! I think if you're playing a second show at Rod Laver you have really made it!

Thanks again to James for participating and if you don't have/like your mothers, you can check him out at Manchester Lane on the 10th of May at 6pm.


  1. Fantastic.... you're both naturals....

  2. I saw Hampton at the toff, and he was awesome!!! I highly recommend seeing him live!