Monday, April 6, 2009

M83 - V Festival Sideshow (1/4/2009)

After a brief hiatus I've returned to gigging with the best of 'em!

The Prince of Wales Bandroom - 50%
Located in St Kilda and hosts similar sized shows to Richmond's corner hotel. 'The Prince' bar - next door - has a reputation for being a munter hangout which as it ended up, had a very negative effect on our experience of the band. No tap beer; enough said. Overall I'd give the place - brace yourself for the first rating - 50%. Wow great fence sitting, gotta start small.

M83 - 62%
I have noticed that of the french bands I know, I really like them all: air, daft punk, justice and m83 Just off the top of my head. How did they go? to be honest I felt generally ripped off: $68 for a 50 minute set, only really enjoyed 3.5 songs and for the first half hour we were surrounded by Melbourne's most munted. I originally thought to myself 'wow, everyone is really getting into this show' and 'how did we get into gigging with the likes of these people?' But after conducting a brief glancing survey of the room I discovered that the people around us were the only ones in the room that carrying on to such a level of...berserk?! These kids were out of control, you'd know the kind: no regard for anyone around them, dancing with their focus on their own hands and completely off their tits!
In essence, I like what this band can do and love a bunch of their recordings. Some songs are too poppy for my liking - graveyardgirl - but others such as Guitar and a heart are excellent. They translated this awesomeness to a live performance very well. I like french accents in general and had plenty of that at the show. The Drummer was awesome, he was so good they had to encase him behind a glass partition on the stage.

I also think I should disregard the first half hour of their show; I found myself hating the band for their song choices because they were making Melbourne's most munted more active; that's not very fair. Especially when we had a good night overall despite the circumstances.
So I'd score the band like this:
Recording quality = 10/15
Stage presence = 11/15
Performance = 7/15
Overall = 28/45 = 62.2%

Gig rating: organisation - 5/10, awesomeness - 5/10, cost - 0/10, average band rating 62%, venue rating 5/10.
Overall = 51%

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  1. Wow, Jim, I know this has nothing to do with M83, but I just googled Lisa Mitchell, she is so cute!!! And performing at the Northcote Social Club on April 17. Gig number 29?????