Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbye forever St Jeromes (25/3/2009)

St Jeromes is dead. While it's the cool thing to be upset at this prospect, while I was there saying my goodbyes, drinking my lukewarm beer, outside, surrounded by coolsies, standing in a pool of water.... I realised it's a shithole. I've had good nights there, no doubt, but I've had good nights in Lilydale as well, so whatever. At least the music is good.... ish. 

Not to be confused with the Bryan Brown film, this is a band. I did not go to St Jeromes to see a film. That would be silly. Noisy punk stuff... deliberatly shitty lyrics, simple riffs etc. As the smart ass behind me said 'Like Eddy Current but shit'. Fairly accurate.... Oh yeah, the sound sucked too, because the mixer was behind the band. Go figure. They weren't the worst band I've seen all year... or all month for that matter, but not for me. 

So this Melbourne band started 28 years or go or so... why weren't they playing at Sound Relief then? Does Micheal Gudinski have a problem with the C word or something? These guys were playing more vintage punk, but did it less ironically than the young kids before hand. I could have gone either way when the band began, the combination of dodgy guitar, stupid lyrics, aggressive vocals and a drum machine wasn't really doing it for me. But a buttload of swearing, addictive beats and a cover of shout later I was hooked. After the last tune I was almost sad to say goodbye. To the band I mean... St Jeromes- good riddance. I think I got hepatitis from your toilets. 

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