Friday, April 3, 2009

The Bicardi Express Train- Choo Woo (26/3/2009)

I won tix to this event, so woo for me. As a discalimer, I should say that the whole thing was just a big ad for Bicardi, so even though it would be easy to complain about the rediculous amount of advertising and lack of beers, I won't. The Palace was a cool venue, as always... despite the rediculous amount of advertising and lack of beers.

Hoops DJ's
We walked into the venue and were greeted with the awesome sight of hot girls DJing. I could get used to that. These girls are from Sydney, and they can party. Between each band they supplied the grooves... grooves that really made the night. Hip Hop, Crunk, Electro... loads of fun. Did I mention they're hot too?

Lost Valentinos
The last time I saw a band bring out an extra floor tom out to the Palace Stage was the Temper trap... and while it was cool, it failed to be awesome. Bicardi. When the Lost Valentinos did it.... it was awesome. Playing Indie/Electro stuff.... kinda like the Rapture (I should really avoid these kind of comparisons)this was really really goood. The singer has stacks of energy, which more than made up for......

Van Shit
I used to like this band. Then they turned to shit. Now they are below that... mega boring on stage, playing music for 13 year old girls. I probably have an unfair hatred towards them, but freedom of expression means I can say what I like. Boo.

I don't like Bluejuice either (why did I ever go to this thing?). I couldn't stand that Vitriol song when it was on Triple J and everyone liked it... I thought it was just shitty tounge in cheek Aus Hip Hop stuff. Gracing the stage in Who Made Who-esque (read... direct copy) skeleton outfits, I was prepared for the worst. But I didn't get the worst. I was surprised at my enjoyment of the performance, the energy of the two singers, and the harmonies in one of the songs. Surprise of the night. Out of the bands... not including Lost Valentinos. 

British India
I was thirsty so I got a drink. British India sounded neither British, or Indian. Bicardi. Should be called Sydney Sydneyia. Coz they sound like Sydney. I think they're from Melbourne though. The crowd liked them though. And I am aware of their songs... I just don't care for them.

After another awesome bit of tuneage by Hoops (heart) we were presented with...

Strangly, this man was beardless. I knew he was a beatboxer... which I wasn't too excitied about... that stuff gets old really quick. But this dude not only beat boxes, he records it live, plays it back on a couple of Kaos pads and genuinely rocks my shit. After danceing solidly through 15 minutes of crazy remixes of Livin on a Prayer, Teardrop and Insomnia... I realised that everything I was hearing had been created by this guys mouth. Right there... live. Astounding. My highlight of the month. His remix of Teardrop by Massive Attack I will never forget. 

Groove Armada
Ok, I had a few (expensive) drinks, I had jsut been rocked by Beardyman, I was in love with 3 ladies, and the last train was to arrive shortly. Bicardi. Do I stick around for Groove Armadas set, or do I pike early? After 20 minutes of unknown commercial house... I hit the road. And of course, the moment I turn my back, the most awesome light show since Daft Punk Lit of the room. These lasers were stunning.... big thick bastards in spaz colours. No idea what was going on or how. But the music was still boring, so I went home. I'm lame like that sometimes. 

I later read they did a 5 hour set. God dammit... I miss some cool shit sometimes. 

All in all, a good night.... lack of beer gets a minus, but Bicardi is really good. Bicardi. I now will see the Lost Valentinos again, and even listen out for Blue Juice. Hoops will get me dancin again, and Beardyman will continue to astound me as I youtube the snot out of him. Bicardi.  

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